Remove Abdominal Fat Using Only Baby Oil And Camphor

There are so many different ways to get rid of abdominal fat, including drinks, juices, exercise routine or a strict diet. Every one of us wants to be fit either to impress someone or to simply feel good about ourselves. It is true that what matters is the inside, however we surely need to take care about the outside as well. And did you know that all that you will do for that is to use baby oil and camphor?

But, in case you want to see faster results you should be combined with an exercise routine.

Eliminating fat using baby oil and Camphor


  • Camphor (1 tablet and a half).
  • Baby oil (medium container).


First, you need to crush the camphor and then add it to the container of baby oil and stir well until thoroughly blended. Let the mixture rest for 2 days and stir it well again before use.


Make sure your skin is clean before you apply it. You can apply this cream to your stomach areas with extra fat and massage it in a circular motion before going to bed at night.

Moreover, in order to get best results we recommend you to be persistent with using this oil.


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